Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cow's Ear Biscuit

When i saw this posting from Florence's Blog . I knew i had to give this recipe a try. I have always liked this biscuit but does not know what it is called. This biscuit is very delicious and since we do not know what the name is, my family used to call it 'scrappings from the chopping board'.
Thank you Florence for sharing this recipe but this is not the type that i like - the white part of the biscuit is right but not the flavored part. Anyway, this is very good as a snack and thank you again, Florence.


(A)75g plain flour
40g water
30g water
30g sugar
0.25 tsp baking soda
0.75 tsp salt
1.5 tsp fermented yam
2 tsp corn oil
100g plain flour
1. Mix (A) till a smooth dough is formed.
2. Mix everything in (B) till well blended. Add in the flour and knead till a smooth dough is formed.
3. Roll dough (A) into a rectangular flat sheet.
4. Roll dough (B) into a rectangular flat sheet.
5. Apply some water to the surface of dough (A)
6. Stick dough (B) on to the top of dough (A).
7. Roll it up swiss roll style and chill in the freezer for 15 minutes.
8. Slice the dough as thin as possible.9. Fry in oil till biscuit is cooked.



Angust Almighty said...

I thought it's called pig's ear instead of cow's ear?

Ube said...

These cookies are part of my childhood. We used to stop by the corner bakery on our way home from school and munched on them while walking. Where can I find fermented yam and I am here in California? What is the best substitute for fermented yam? Thanks again for sharing this true and tried recipe and answering my never ending inquiries.

Mary said...

I love the name of these cookies. Now to find fermented yam :-). Blessings...Lily

lilyng said...

mary and ube

i think fermented yam in this recipe is actually fermented bean curd - get the red type which is called 'nam yee' in cantonese

lilyng said...

august almighty

i did not know that it was called 'cow's ear' until i saw it in Florence's blog and when my vietnamese friend dropped by, i offered her this biscuit and ask for the vietnamese name which is Banh Tai. Searched the net for a recipe and found one which is called banh tai heo which means pig's ear.

sh said...

My family also calls it 'scrappings from the chopping board'. The version we call cow's ear biscut does not look like a pinwheel but is overall of one brown colour and does appear cupped like a ear

lilyng said...


do you know the actual name of this biscuit

Anonymous said...

I am a half Hakka and indeed we call this cow ear biscuit (ngiu ngee biang).

hoangtam/tt said...


in vietnamese they're called banh tai heo (literally translated: banh = cookie, cake, 'pastry', tai = ear, heo = pig). the vietnamese version has sesame seeds mixed into the white dough, and also has butter and sweetened condensed milk (French influences). But the overall concept is the same. It's all good! :)

Christelle said...

never seen them before, but they present really well , I 'm game to give them a try :))

lilyng said...


thanks for the tips, will try to blend in sesame seeds to the white part too the next time.


Louisa said...


They look like what I know as Pepper biscuits!! My mum called them pig/cow ear biscuits, but the ones I ate from Penang (I'm from Singapore) have a strong peppery savoury taste and package says Pepper Biscuits! They come with ground nuts and sesame seeds too...

Here's a link:

Hope that helps! (^^ the handmade ones look less orange and more unshapely then the factory made ones here in singapore! SOrry I don't cook/bake so can't help with recipe i just happened to be here!!)

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