Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Cakes

The Penquin is a tear-away cake
Butterfly Cupcakes

Dora Cake

The Penquin Cake was for Jessica who turned seven and Dora Cake was for Allyson who was three. The Butterfly Cupcakes were for Renee as she was into butterflies and ladybugs this summer.


Anonymous said...

its such a rarity that anyone would get such nice home made cakes nowadays. its really a sign of your loves for the 3 lucky girls


Anonymous said...

I love teh penguin cake and would like to try to duplicate it for my son. He is turning 5 and penguins are his favorite! Can you tell me how you did it? Thanks, Mary

lilyng said...


the penguin cake is made from a silicone mould. It is very popular nowadays these tear-apart cake.

Anonymous said...

My mother's 65th birthday is coming soon - this Saturday to be exact 18/10/08. She lives in Seremban 2 and I in New Zealand. Would be great if she can get a homemade cake delivered to her. I can pay you if you can do one and deliver it. E-mail :

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