Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Barbie At the Beach

A six year old love for Barbie had me scratching my head for awhile as to how shall i make her birthday cake? Well, it is summer and I am sure Barbie would love to go surfing at the Beach. I hope you liked your birthday cake, Malia.

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Refer to

Substitute the frozen strawberries to melted chocolate.

The sea is made from Jello Blueberry flavor.

Crushed Chocolate Cookies, Crackers are used for the sand



frost said...


i wish i can bake like that.

Orchidea said...

This looks so nice... you are really good in decorations.

MyMuzingz said...

hi lily, i am so IMPRESSED ! i am already having a big head planning for my son's 1st birthday party. Am probably getting cupcakes from a home-baker. I do wish I could bake a cake for him - first thing i'll need to do is to sign up for decorating classes.

Thanks for being an inspiration!

lilyng said...


me too has no idea what my grandson's alexander's ist birthday cake going to be.

jeSSe said...

Im in awe of the vast receipes on ur blog..
If experience is what it takes to be where u r presently, it be hard for me to even come close
Thanks for sharing, at least now i know what goes in to my favourite dishes

Precious Moments said...

Lily, you never failed to amaze me!

zzyzx said...

Do you think you can add the Gado-Gado recipe to your repertoire? I've seen many recipes on the Web and tried many and alas, never came out with anything good. The peanut sauce I got never tasted like the real thing at the restaurant. The recipes call for peanut butter and the result tastes like peanut butter spread in the Gado-Gado salad. The restaurants must have some secret to it. I can't figure it out.

Another recipe to add to your collection is rojak.

Please add both!! Thakns!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma Lily! Were u a Malaysian? Found your page useful, am "baby-sittin" my 16 yr old 'lil sis and learning to cook for two. I'm fresh out of university. Thanks for the recipes!

dian said...

hi - blog-hopped to ur site. amazing cook you are! makes me hungry everytime....are u malaysian?

lilyng said...


yes i am malaysian. are you too?

dian said...

yup - malaysian in jakarta. so u can imagine how much i miss malaysian food! always a pleasure going through your vast library of recipes. making my hungry again...

lilyng said...


apa khabar from denver?

don't just drool over the recipes. try making some of them. they are all tested.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
Thank you for sharing your recipes and secrets so willingly.Not kedekut at all so makes me (and all the others too?) more willing to learn to cook and try.

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