Thursday, December 29, 2005

You Are What You Eat

I am being tagged for this meme, not by one but two of my best net pals. Little Corner of Mine
and Play With My Food. I was so busy the last 2 months that i could not find time to update my blog. Anyway, Ching and TT, i will try to accommodate and see what i eat. It would be easier to know what i don't like than what i like as I live to eat, so to do that, have to cook and bake, not only the foods i like but foods that friends and family like especially when you are far away from Malaysia, land of all my favorites.

In the previous meme, the foods mentioned are old favorites and as time passes by, tastes and choice change but not far from base. With all the travelling around the world and experiencing new cuisine, the palate is still tune to home base - rice.

I love RICE, plain or flavored no matter. I would be very satiated with just plain hot rice with salt fish or salted eggs and even a piece of 'fu yee' with a tinge of sugar, lime juice and sesame oil.

A different version of rice - CONGEE of all the chinese dialects and i think i like Teochew the best.

SOY is another stable. My seventh heaven would be in the Land of Tofu. I love cooking with all forms of tofu and enjoy eating them.

SOUPs, the asian type which is simmered for hours. I depend on the pressure cooker to do the work. The Soup of the Day for me would be 'Choy Khon'.

NOODLES - Since i am a rice lover, therefore i crave for kway teow and meehoon. When i have a choice of the type of noodle, i would order meehoon for my curry, kway teow for my fish balls soup and my favorite is the Ipoh Sar Hor Fun.

I am crazy for NYONYA KUIHS and any TONG SUI - SWEETENED SOUPS are not far behind.Give me a bowl of 'Sweet potatoes in ginger syrup' to chase my blues away

There is no end to what i like, so i better pass it on before i bore my friends who visit my blog.

Jan's" Kitchen
Precious Moments

It's up to you three now.


fooDcrazEE said...


SOrry but i have done my part earlier with tagged from glutton-rabbit dot blogspot dot com under this post FooDcrazEE

lilyng said...


it's ok, you were on my mind therefore you are chosen. I have been so busy that i have not visited your blog for a while.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for completing this meme, Lily. I know you got both your hands tied.

Looks like we shared a few common favorites too! :)

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